Zero Temperature Quantum Phase Transition of a Two-Dimensional Ising Spin Glass

H. Rieger and A.P. Young
Phys. Rev. Lett. 72 , 4141 (1994).

We study the quantum transition at $T=0$ in the spin-$\frac12$ Ising spin--glass in a transverse field in two dimensions. The world line path integral representation of this model corresponds to an effective classical system in (2+1) dimensions, which we study by Monte Carlo simulations. Values of the critical exponents are estimated by a finite-size scaling analysis. We find that the dynamical exponent, $z$, and the correlation length exponent, $\nu$, are given by $z = 1.5 \pm 0.05$ and $\nu = 1.0 \pm 0.1$. Both the linear and non-linear susceptibility are found to diverge at the critical point.

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