The superconductor-insulator transition in 2D dirty boson systems

M. Wallin, E.S. Sørensen, S. M. Girvin and A.P. Young
Phys. Rev. B 49, 12115 (1994).

Universal properties of the zero temperature superconductor-insulator transition in two-dimensional amorphous films are studied by extensive Monte Carlo simulations of bosons in a disordered medium. We report results for both short-range and long-range Coulomb interactions for several different points in parameter space. In all cases we observe a transition from a superconducting phase to an insulating Bose glass phase. {}From finite-size scaling of our Monte Carlo data we determine the universal conductivity $\sigma^*$ and the critical exponents at the transition. The result $\sigma^* = (0.55 \pm 0.06) (2e)^2/h$ for bosons with long-range Coulomb interaction is roughly consistent with experiments reported so far. We also find $\sigma^* = (0.14 \pm 0.03) (2e)^2/h$ for bosons with short-range interactions.

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