Phase Transition in the Three-Dimensional $\pm J$ Ising Spin Glass

N. Kawashima and A.P. Young
Phys. Rev. B 53, R484 (1996).

We have studied the three-dimensional Ising spin glass with a $\pm J$ distribution by Monte Carlo simulations. Using larger sizes and much better statistics than in earlier work, a finite size scaling analysis shows quite strong evidence for a finite transition temperature, $T_c$, with ordering below $T_c$. Our estimate of the transition temperature is rather lower than in earlier work, and the value of the correlation length exponent, $\nu$, is somewhat higher. Because there may be (unknown) corrections to finite size scaling, we do not completely rule out the possibility that $T_c = 0$ or that $T_c$ is finite but with no order below $T_c$. However, from our data, these possibilities seem less likely.

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