Current-Voltage Characteristics of Two-Dimensional Vortex Glass Models

R.A. Hyman M. Wallin, M.P.A. Fisher, S. M. Girvin and A.P. Young
Phys. Rev. B 51, 15304 (1995).

We have performed Monte Carlo simulations to determine current--voltage characteristics of two vortex glass models in two dimensions. Our results confirm earlier studies which concluded that there is a zero temperature transition. Additionally we find that, as the temperature approaches zero, the linear resistance vanishes exponentially, and the current scale, $J_{nl}$, where non-linearities appear in the current--voltage characteristics, varies roughly as $T^3$. This result is quite different from the prediction of conventional flux creep theory in which $J_{nl} \sim T$. The results for the two models agree quite well with each other, and also agree fairly well with recent experiments on very thin films of YBCO.

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