State Hierarchy Induced by Correlated Spin Domains in short range spin glasses

Eytan Domany, Guy Hed, Matteo Palassini and A.P. Young

We generate equilibrium configurations for the three and four dimensional Ising spin glass with Gaussian distributed couplings at temperatures well below the transition temperature $T_c$. These states are analyzed by a recently proposed method using clustering. The analysis reveals a hierarchical state space structure. At each level of the hierarchy states are labeled by the orientations of a set of correlated macroscopic spin domains. Our picture of the low temperature phase of short range spin glasses is that of a State Hierarchy Induced by Correlated Spin domains (SHICS). The complexity of the low temperature phase is manifest in the fact that the composition of such a spin domain (i.e. its constituent spins), as well as its identifying label, are defined and determined by the ``location'' in the state hierarchy at which it appears. Mapping out the phase space structure by means of the orientations assumed by these domains enhances our ability to investigate the overlap distribution, which we find to be non-trivial. Evidence is also presented that these states may have a non-ultrametric structure.

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