A Common Universality Class for the Three--Dimensional Vortex Glass and Chiral Glass?

Carsten Wengel and A.P. Young

We present a Monte Carlo study of the $d=3$ gauge glass and the XY--spin glass models in the vortex representation. We investigate the critical behavior of these models by a scaling analysis of the linear resistivity and current--voltage characteristics, both in the limits of zero and strong screening of the vortex--interactions. Without screening, both models show a glass transition at a finite temperature and, within the numerical accuracy, exhibit the {\em same} critical exponents: $z\approx3.1$ and $\nu=1.3\pm 0.3$. With strong screening, the finite temperature glass transition is destroyed in both cases and the same exponent $\nu=1.05\pm 0.1$ is found at the resulting zero temperature transition.

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