Physics 115/242, Computational Physics

Instructor: Peter Young, ISB 212,
Time and Place: MWF 9:30-10:40 pm, ISB 231
Office Hour: Fridays 10:45-12:00, and at other times by appointment.

This course assumes that you can write a simple program in one of the following languages: C/C++, Java, or Fortran 90. Homework solutions will be given in C. If you are not sure whether you have sufficient fluency in programming, please see me.

The second half of the course will use Mathematica. No previous experience of this is required, since the basics will be discussed in the lectures and a 50 page introduction has been written for the class (which will be available below).

You will also need a knowledge of classical and quantum mechanics, and statistical mechanics at the undergraduate level.

Please email me at the above address if you have any questions about necessary prior experience.

I have prepared a considerable amount of material for this class, which will be available on this web site.

Students' performance will be evaluated from homework assignments and projects, and a take home final examination.

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