Physics 215 Quantum Mechanics

OFFICE HOUR: Wednesdays 2-4 pm, Kerr 217.

Changes to the class meeting dates:

Wednesday, January 19,  NO lECTURE
Monday,    January 24,  MAKEUP LECTURE
Monday,    January 31,  MAKEUP LECTURE (starting 10:30 am.)
Wednesday, February 16, NO lECTURE
Friday,    February 18, MIDTERM
Wednesday, February 23, NO LECTURE
Monday,    February 28, MAKEUP LECTURE
Monday,    March 13,    MAKEUP LECTURE (starting 10:30 am.)

The MIDTERM will be in class on Friday February 18. 

The FINAL will on Thursday 8-11am, Kerr 289. (This is the slot for MWF classes
starting at 9:30 am. which is the closest to our time).

Table of contents:

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